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The Hamptons: Glorious respite from sweltering city hustle / bustle.

Driving to the Hamptons: Enraging trek through asphalt jungle of bumper to bumper traffic.

But not anymore! The road to relaxation has never been easier, thanks to JetTrip's Hamptons in a Hurry helicopter service you can be there in under an hour. Why torture yourself with hours of gridlock when you can safely, easily, and quickly fly from New York City to the Hamptons in 45 minutes?

Service from the East Side 34th Street Heliport, the Westside 30th Street Heliport or the Downtown Manhattan Heliport to the Hamptons. Our luxury twin-engine Eurocopter will hold up to three passengers comfortably but seats up to five with only one pilot. One-way trips begin at $3,400.

45 minutes. Your time is worth it.

No angry motorists, no honking horns, no fighting every inch of the way. You've earned the right to rest and relax this summer, so tell the highway it's my way. The JetTrip way.

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