At JetTrip, nothing is more important than the safety of passengers and flight crew. Since the 2001 attacks on the US, the FAA has increased the already strict security requirements for private flights. Private jets are required to meet or exceed the safety standards of commercial airlines. This applies not only to the aircraft, but also the pilots, crew and maintenance personnel.

Unlike those who fly for commercial airliners, private jet pilots are required to have at least 10 hours rest time between flights (as opposed to eight for commercial flight pilots). Moreover, corporate, executive and business aircraft operators have historically had general aviation's highest safety records. That is a tradition we are proud to uphold.

With our JetTrip Flight Safety Assurance Program, JetTrip handles all the due diligence that you would need to in order to book a private jet - from examining aircraft maintenance records, to performing background checks on flight crews. Our safety requirements are second-to-none; not only are crews and equipment on the JetTrip network subject to the stringent FAA safety standards and procedures, but they are also all ARG/US, Q-Star, or Wyvern rated.

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