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Do you remember when you wondered what it'd be like if you could fly?

Then you took your first commercial flight and found it had nothing in common with that vision. The sensation of soaring through the sky, free from the cares of the world, was replaced by an uncomfortable, unimpressive and, worst of all, uninspired event.

There are travelers for whom the trip is merely a means to an end and flying is a necessary evil. Moreover, with increased security measures, cost-cutting initiatives, cutthroat ticket prices, and crowded skies, the nature of flying as a 'commodity' has replaced the idea of flying as an 'experience'.

JetTrip was founded with the idea that flying is the highest level of freedom. For us the sky, literally, is the only limit. With a private jet, there's no scheduled aviation, no locked in commitments, no forced cabin sharing. Let us show you that flying can be everything you once thought it would be - comfortable, impressive and, best of all, inspiring.

Here at JetTrip, we're in the business of freedom.

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