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Here's a shocking, too-good-to-be-true concept of modern aviation: choose the jet you want, at any given time, and have it fly to one of 5,000 airports nationwide. Yet with as little as six hours notice, this dream can become a reality when you fly JetTrip. We reach above and beyond the offerings of commercial First Class travel to ensure significant time and cost savings, as well as the most pleasant, pie-in-the-sky flight experience possible. Our service is exceptional, our dedication unquestionable. JetTrip: we're ready when you are.

» Aircraft
JetTrip offers a core choice of 12 types of jets across 4,000 planes; familiar names like Boeing, Dassault Falcon, Raytheon, Gulfstream, Lear, and Cessna. We can accommodate you with the most appropriate, private, dedicated jet, customized for your needs at a competitive price. If your favorite jet is not among our core 12, just let us know. Regardless of what you're looking for, we can have the jet of your choosing fueled and ready for takeoff in the blink of an eye.
» Safety
At JetTrip, there is nothing more important than the safety of our passengers and flight crew. Since the 2001 attacks on the United States, the FAA has increased the already strict security requirements for private flights. Consider, that unlike commercial aviation, pilots of private jets are required to have at least 10 hours rest time between flights, as opposed to eight hours for commercial aviation pilots. Moreover, corporate, executive and business aircraft operators have historically held general aviations' highest safety records.

But JetTrip goes even further. JetTrip examines aircraft maintenance records, performs complete background checks on flight crews, and diligently personalizes your requests to book a private jet. Our safety requirements are second-to-none; not only are crews and equipment on the JetTrip network subject to FAA safety standards and procedures, but they are also all ARGU/US, Q-Star, or Wyvern rated. For more information, please visit our Commitment to Safety.

» Independence
With JetTrip, you are not required to buy stake in a jet, nor are you required to maintain or manage one. Your only job is to enjoy the flight. With JetTrip, you simply pay for your flight as you would on a commercial airline. No commitments, no additional hassles, no wasted fees.
» Convenience
JetTrip understands that the online experience of booking a private jet must be at least as good as, if not better, than what commercial aviation offers. With the JetTrip online booking tool, not only are the complexities of the process reduced, but the offerings themselves are enhanced - you can access over 4,000 jet planes and 5000 airports, 24 hours a day. Our site offers you real-time availability and provides instant quotes, as well as recommendations. JetTrip also goes that extra mile so that you can track passengers with interactive maps and stay in constant contact with passengers as they fly.
» Service
If there is a question that you can't find an answer to on our website, or if you just want to talk to a friendly voice, give us a call! In addition to finding you the most appropriate, private dedicated jet, customized for your needs at a competitive price, our account managers can provide you with a complete trip package, including ground transportation, hotel stays and access to special events.

Once you're in the air onboard a JetTrip jet, you'll enjoy superior White Glove service, your selected amenities, optional equipment, and catered meals.

» Value versus Direct Cost
Rather than focus exclusively on cost, JetTrip focuses more on "you-get-what-you-pay-for." With jets available to you, at any time, and able to reach any destination with the highest level of security available, JetTrip offers a travel option that can't be measured in dollars and cents (although constant fare hikes make private jet flying an increasingly attractive option).

If you're a businessman, you know that executive absences generally mean corporate downtime. But on a private jet, this is no longer the case. Likewise, if you're looking for a special getaway without the hassles of commercial aviation, once again JetTrip offers an elegant solution. Long trips on commercial airliners mean prying eyes, intrusive noises and cramped quarters. Short trips are no more pleasant. While the air time itself might only be two hours, more time is still spent getting to a major airport, waiting on long lines, being thoroughly searched and then boarding an aircraft full of strangers. A two-hour trip can turn into an all day experience. In terms of comfort and efficiency, there's no comparison.

Plus, there's no purchase requirement and no long-term commitment to join the JetTrip Program. Instead, every dollar you place into your account can be directly applied to a trip. You can even utilize a "pay-as-you-fly" option in addition to our membership plan.

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