JetTrip understands that a flight is more than simply departure and arrival time; there's the issue of getting to the airport, getting past screening, getting into the plane, and so on. You must then compete for service with a hundred or so other passengers, culinary choices are less than spectacular, and the wait for baggage collection is time consuming. Today, flying commercial aviation seems more like a chore than ever before.

Flying JetTrip returns a touch of class to air travel, and is more than just luxury for luxury's sake. JetTrip is the truest incarnation of 'you get what you pay for'.

» Efficient
JetTrip organizes travel around your needs and schedules. With a private jet at your disposal, there's less downtime and more productivity in the air. Security checks, check-in, and luggage pickup are immediate, enabling you to reach your destination in style and comfort.
» Flexible
Unlike commercial aviation, JetTrip picks the most direct route to get you where you need to be. No unnecessary connections or timely layovers- our schedule is your schedule. Are you on the Zone diet, or do you travel with your own specially prepared food? Let us know, and we'll make sure you get the required amenitites. You have a last minute change and need to go to San Diego instead of Los Angeles? Not a problem with JetTrip.
» Private
Suppose you're the manager of that highly reclusive, yet highly visible, hot young actor. You're going to have to ensure that he and all his associates have the privacy they want, in addition to the security they need. Or suppose that you are the CEO of a dynamic young company. You won't want to take chances reviewing a merger with other businessmen lurking over your shoulder. At JetTrip, we know you value privacy. That's why it's YOU who decides the passenger list.

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