World Class   
By now, you have experienced what it is like to be part of the JetTrip network. Now let us show you how to maximize what we have to offer:

» Regular Shuttle Service
Let us provide your airborne office! Whether you have 1 or one hundred passengers flying on a regular basis, between regular destinations, JetTrip can offer a private dedicated jet, customized for your needs at a competitive price. With one monthly invoice remitted to your corporate travel department, JetTrip can make shuttle travel more convenient and cost effective than commercial aviation could ever hope to be.
» Group Transfers
How much is your time worth? We're guessing a whole lot. Get rid of the middle-man and let JetTrip provide you with a private, dedicated jet and have it customized to suit your needs. Our white-glove service is always on call to ensure that your group receives the best possible flight experience. Specialized catering, equipment, themes, or any other amenities required are just a phone call away. And when your group flies JetTrip, you'll never have to worry about annoying logistics: everyone will be on time, at the same time, in the same place. What could be more cost effective than that?
» Impress That Critical Client...
You're about to finalize a deal with that elusive client and are anxious to close on it ASAP. Why not fly him or her out on a private JetTrip jet for dinner or a tour of the office? We're pretty sure that after their flight, they'll be ready to sign on the dotted line faster than you can hand them a pen!
» ...or that dream date.
OR, suppose you're ready to impress someone on a more personal level - what could be more exciting than a private jet for two to some sunny beach in the Caribbean? With our JetTrip Ultimates, you can book luxury vacations that lavish comfort on you from start to finish. Take a helicopter transfer to the airport or have our team customize your vacation itinerary- no aspect of a vacation is too small for JetTrip Ultimates to enhance.

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