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• Challenger 604
Comfort and craftsmanship are the earmarks of the Bombardier Challenger 604. This aircraft can seat up to 10 people in its spacious cabin, where in-flight noise level has been drastically reduced. With a range of 4,692 st. m, non-stop transoceanic flights are not a problem for the Challenger 604.

• Gulfstream III
As the first business jet of its class approved for worldwide operation, the Gulfstream III sets a standard of quality and luxury that all others seek to uphold. Its long range (3,800 st.m.) and large, stand-up cabin allow for a comfortable, relaxed work area as passengers shuttle between meetings.

• Gulfstream IV
The Gulfstream IV is highly favored as a business jet. This is no doubt due in part to its uncompromised safety amenities, which include a Global Positioning System, Head-Up Display (to aid landing in low-visibility conditions), Traffic Collision Avoidance, and Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning (to detect wind shear). Its range of 4,466 st.m. allows for nonstop travel within the United States, as well as intercontinental flights.

• Gulfstream IV-SP
Whether your trip itinerary includes continental US destinations, or transoceanic ones, the power of the Gulfstream IV-SP will ensure a timely, safe arrival. This aircraft boasts a range of 4,800 st. m, coupled with the superior comfort and safety standards of the Gulfstream name.

Left: An example of a Gulfstream IV

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