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• Beechjet 400A
Another highly popular light jet, the 400A is renowned for its design efficiency. The aircraft's swept-wings and turbofan engines allow this jet to quickly scale 43,000 feet, cruise at 525 mph, and reach a range of 1,574 st.m., all while optimizing the fuel usage.

• Citation Encore
With a 17-foot long cabin, and a baggage capacity of 69 cubic feet, space is never an issue aboard the Citation Encore. Six to eight passengers can easily fit inside. Completing the open and airy feeling of this jet are the 14 windows from which you can peer down upon the world below. Citation Encore flies more than a mile above most weather patterns, and more than two miles higher than any propeller aircraft. It has a cruising speed of 480 mph, and a range of 1,837 st.m.

• Citation V
Citation V, like the Citation Encore, boasts one of the largest light jet cabins, at 17 feet long. It's perfect for six to eight passengers and lots of luggage (it has 67 cubic feet of baggage space). The Citation V's average cruising speed is 460 mph, and its average range is 1,750 st.m, however at full fuel, the jet can reach distances over 2,000 st. m.

• Learjet 35
The Learjet 35 is one of the most popular jets of its class. With its ability to take off from runways shorter than 3,500 feet, and reach an altitude of 43,000 feet in 20 minutes, it's no wonder why! The Learjet 35 has a cruising speed of 525 mph, and a range of 1,665 st.m. Such power and versatility make this aircraft an unparalleled choice among light jets.

Left: An example of a Citation Encore

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