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• Citation X
The Citation X can accommodate up to eight passengers in its 24 foot long standup cabin, and cruise (at 590 mph) as high as 51,000 feet where air traffic is virtually a non-entity. With a range of 3231 st.m., the Citation X enables you to get to your destination faster, cutting time constraints to a minimum.

• Hawker 700
The Hawker 700 is a well-rounded business jet that can fly eight people, non-stop over 2,000 miles, in a spacious environment. Its standup cabin measures 21 feet long, and the jet offers 40 cubic feet of baggage space. With a cruising speed of 483 mph, the Hawker 700 will shuttle you to your destination comfortably and efficiently.

• Learjet 55
Like the Learjet60, this aircraft is outfitted with a spacious standup cabin that can comfortably fly six to eight people coast-to-coast. Its cruising speed clocks in at 522 mph and its range at 2140 st.m. The Learjet 55 requires one stop on westbound coast flights.

• Learjet 60
Approved for worldwide travel, the Learjet 60 is also capable of flying non-stop coast-to-coast within the continental United States. Its 17 foot long standup-cabin can accommodate six to eight people. Equipped with cutting edge safety technology (Windshear Detection, Traffic Collision Avoidance, Ground Proximity Warning), a cruising speed of 522 mph, and a range of 2,613 st.m., you'll never have to worry while zipping from place to place aboard the Learjet 60.

Left: An example of a Citation X

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